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    Louisiana Flood Relief

    Louisiana Flood Relief

    After a catastrophic flood devastated Louisiana, Project Sole is delivering shoes, clothing and supplies to victims struggling to meet basic needs.

    Bangkok Trip

    Bangkok Trip

    We have coordinated a trip to Bangkok where we will visit impoverished communities and orphanages to deliver shoes to those with most need.

    •   November 13, 2016
    •   Bangkok

    Ecuador Relief Trip

    Ecuador Relief Trip

    After a 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Ecuador, Project Sole is delivering shoes and clothing to victims struggling to meet basic needs.

    Guatemala Trip

    Guatemala Trip

    Guatemala continues to struggle with high levels of poverty and social exclusion, particularly amongst its indigenous population. In the state of Quetzaltenago, we have coordinated visits to impoverished field workers to deliver shoes and help build homes.

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Thanks to our generous supporters, we're able to distribute shoes to people in need throughout the world. Watch our recap videos and enjoy the lasting impact we are making around the globe.


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